How to Troubleshoot Common Ice Cream Machine Problems

Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine-You may be surprised to learn that but commercial ice cream machines remain among the trickiest appliances in the kitchen. If you want to hire an ice cream machine for your business then search for Taylor 150 soft serve ice cream machine it is the best option one could make as it comes with a lot of different features.

This is the general operation of an ice cream machine: the liquefied ice cheese mix is stored in a container called a hopper. To freeze the liquid, that mixture is put inside a cylindrical container that is maintained at extremely low conditions.

Tank Freezing

There is a freezing container in the ice cream machine. The tank freezes as a result of numerous incorrect uses and operations. The following are the primary causes:

The mixing tank’s water for cleaning isn’t emptied. The machine constantly refrigerates while the birthday cake is not beaten for an extended period. The machine is continually cooling even though there is no slurry in the storing basin. The amount of buttercream on each side is excessively different, and the side that contains fewer cakes is more likely to cause cylinders to freeze.

Not Dispensing Ice Cream Machine

This has served as the main concern for 25% of our whipped cream dispenser calls over the past year. If your soft-serve maker won’t dispense, there’s a good chance that accumulation needs to be cleared out of the machine itself or because it was misassembled after cleaning.

From here, you understand what you need to do: disassemble the machine, clean it, and rebuild it precisely according to the instructions in the handbook.

Using Low-Fat Dairy Products

I’m all for choosing healthier options, but there must be a place and a time for such things, and handmade scoops of ice cream are not one of those places. Heavy cream or other dairy products with a high-fat content are necessary for this delicious frozen dessert. It is the source of the rich flavour and velvety, smooth texture of ice cream machine. Low-fat and skim milk are good alternatives, but they freeze less solidly, taste awful, and give whipped cream an unpleasant texture.

You’re Adding Insufficient Ice Cream Mix

Most experts always look at the total quantity of ice cream mix while troubleshooting a machine that makes ice cream. You see, ice cream machines are designed with specificity to freeze a particular volume of ice cream mix. A machine malfunction could result from adding excessively or excessively little.

If you don’t use enough whipped cream mix in your recipes, they will come out frozen, clumpy, and probably difficult to consume. Your paddle is going to experience a lot of difficulty operating if the mixture solidifies into ice, giving the impression that it is failing.

There Is A Leak In The Ice Cream

Even though leaks accounted for only 7% of our whipped cream machine service requests, such an issue might leave your team dealing with a large, sticky mess. But cleanliness and replacing missing pieces are what will ultimately solve it.

  • After emptying the unit, follow the cleaning cycle’s instructions.
  • Replace every gasket in the equipment, particularly the one that connects the auger to the transparent door, if the leak appears to originate from the front side of the apparatus.
  • Replace the rubber sealing O-rings on the distributing valve if it is the source of the leak. Most likely the components were too old, too stiff, or too greased to function effectively.

Not Freezing Ice Cream

For most people, this was a problem 14% of the time. 

  • If the appliance is breath-cooled, the problem may be with the condenser. To find out if an excessive amount of dust or debris has accumulated and is keeping the cylinder completely freezing, check the condenser coil’s screens. They may require cleaning or replacement.
  • Locate the condensation chamber behind a vent situated on the equipment’s side or back.
  • Another possible problem could be with the auger’s blades. The freezing product, such as whipped cream, cannot be scraped off from the container if the cutting edges are damaged or not positioned against the barrel fully.
Ice Cream Machine

Your Base Is Being Overfilled

Make sure the base isn’t overfilled if the whipped cream machine isn’t functioning even after that. Overfilling your machine can result in an overly soft and watery uniformity, whilst underfilling may render the resulting mixture too firm. Don’t fill your ice cream machine more than it can handle. Filling it to about two-thirds of the way should be your goal to give the ice cream room to expand while it freezes. It would be best to contact an expert if the equipment overheats and scorched your motor. But if you really must fix it yourself, you’ll have to take apart the cone maker and take out the engine.

Final Words

The secret to R&M savings is taking the opportunity to thoroughly clean and disassemble the equipment as well as to identify internal fixes for typical issues.

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