Andre Hakkak wife purchased a Gables Estates mansion for $13.6 million Best guide

Andre Hakkak wife purchased a Gables Estates mansion for $13.6 million
Andre Hakkak wife purchased a Gables Estates mansion for $13.6 million


Certainly! A CEO couple, Andre Hakkak wifes, bought a Gables Estates mansion for $13.6 million. The assets, located at 8950 Arvida Drive in Coral Gables, changed into received from Cimex Invest Inc., a Czech Republic-primarily based funding employer led with the aid of Jana Sobotova. Andre Hakkak is the CEO and co-founding father of White Oak Global Advisors, a worldwide investment company founded in 2007. His spouse, Marissa Shipman, is the founder and CEO of cosmetics organization the Balm Cosmetics, based in Reno, Nevada.

Detail of Andre Hakkak house

The two-story mansion boasts six bedrooms, nine complete lavatories, two half-bathrooms, and sits on a nearly -acre lot with a huge outdoor. Designed by way of architect Cesar Molina, it additionally features a six-vehicle garage, an elevator, a pool, and a separate shape suitable for a gymnasium or spa. Some different recent Gables Estates income had been even pricier, such as a mansion sold by means of cruise line chief Howard Frank for $20 million and any other waterfront domestic sold for $33 million by way of the top of Columbus Capital Lending1. Quite the highly-priced real property marketplace in Coral Gables!

Background of andre hakkak wife

As we discuss already on my previous article about andre hakkak let talk about His wife name Marissa Shipman

Who is Marissa Shipman

Marissa Shipman

Her entrepreneurial journey started with a passion for cosmetics, diverging from her initial profession in television production. She immersed herself in gaining knowledge of the intricacies of cosmetics method, main to the founding of theBalm Cosmetics in 2004. This trailblazing beauty logo is thought for its excellent, cruelty-free merchandise and distinctive 1950s-stimulated packaging. Marissa’s dedication to ethical practices has set theBalm aside inside the competitive cosmetics panorama. The brand now reaches over 100 nations and has a flagship store in San Francisco’s Mission District. Additionally, Marissa ventured into smooth beauty with EcoFabulous, emphasizing sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.

Education and Philanthropy:

Marissa holds a diploma in Theatre from Tulane University. Beyond entrepreneurship, she actively contributes to philanthropy, serving at the board of Project Glimmer—a nonprofit empowering teenage ladies and girls via tangible support and mentorship.

Family Life:

Marissa and Andre prioritize preserving a harmonious own family lifestyles in spite of their traumatic careers. Their love tale started out for the duration of college, and their strong familial bonds make a contribution immeasurably to their fulfillment and average properly-being.

A stunning combo of business acumen, creativity, and own family aid! 🌺👫✨

The Relationship Between Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman

Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman are two prominent figures inside the splendor industry, known for their respective contributions to the field. Hakkak is the founding father of Beverly Hills-based totally beauty brand GlamGlow, at the same time as Shipman is the founding father of TheBalm Cosmetics. Both people have made a vast effect at the industry with their revolutionary merchandise and advertising techniques. This article delves into the relationship among Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman, exploring how their collaborations and mutual admire have encouraged the beauty industry as a whole.

The expert collaboration among the two

The partnership between Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman goes beyond mutual appreciate; it’s far characterised via a shared commitment to pushing the limits of splendor innovation. Their collaboration has brought about groundbreaking product traits and a hit advertising and marketing campaigns which have set new requirements within the industry. By leveraging their understanding and unique views, Hakkak and Shipman have validated how teamwork and synergy can force full-size growth and encourage others in the beauty quarter. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the specific tasks and tasks which have emerged from this dynamic professional courting.

How their partnership has brought about business achievement

The seamless collaboration among Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman has no longer best fostered innovation but also translated into top notch commercial enterprise fulfillment. Together, they have got delivered disruptive products that have captivated purchasers and redefined enterprise standards. Their strategic advertising campaigns have resonated with a huge target market, driving sales and market expansion. Through their mixed efforts, they’ve propelled their respective organizations to new heights, solidifying their positions as enterprise leaders. In the approaching sections, we will discover the key strategies and choices that have contributed to the plain business achievements stemming from their fruitful partnership. Stay tuned for an in-depth evaluation of their enterprise fulfillment story.

How their partnership has brought about business achievement

The effect in their dating at the enterprise

The dynamic partnership between Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman has had a great impact on the industry, setting new benchmarks for innovation and market disruption. Their collaborative efforts have no longer best redefined industry standards but additionally motivated competition to conform and evolve in reaction to their fulfillment.

The progressive products and strategic advertising campaigns brought by means of Hakkak and Shipman have created a ripple effect for the duration of the market, shaping consumer options and driving enterprise tendencies. In this segment, we are able to delve deeper into the lasting effects of their courting at the industry landscape, highlighting the transformative have an impact on they have got had at the commercial enterprise ecosystem. Stay tuned for an insightful exploration of their enterprise impact.

Lessons that can be learned from their dynamic partnership

The collaboration between Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman gives precious insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. Their capability to innovate, disrupt the market, and set new enterprise requirements showcases the strength of strategic partnerships and innovative synergy. By staring at how they have got stimulated competition, formed client possibilities, and driven industry tendencies, you possibly can glean instructions on adaptability, ahead-thinking techniques, and the significance of staying in advance of the curve.

As we dissect the lasting results in their relationship at the enterprise panorama, we will uncover key takeaways that could encourage and guide future endeavors in the ever-evolving enterprise global. Stay tuned for actionable insights from this dynamic duo’s fulfillment tale.

Future prospects for his or her endured partnership

    With their proven track document of fulfillment and ahead-questioning techniques, the future prospects for the ongoing partnership among Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman are promising. As they navigate via evolving marketplace dynamics and customer demands, their collaborative efforts are probable to yield further innovation and increase possibilities.

    By leveraging their complementary abilties and shared vision, they are able to keep to disrupt industries, force fantastic alternate, and inspire others inside the business network. The capacity for new ventures, expansions, and ventures into untapped markets remains high, showcasing the infinite possibilities that lie ahead for this dynamic duo. Stay tuned for updates on their future endeavors and the impact in their ongoing partnership within the business world.


    In conclusion, the partnership between Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman exemplifies the energy of collaboration inside the enterprise world. By combining their expertise, creativity, and determination, they have accomplished exquisite success and paved the way for future boom. Their ability to align their visions, capitalize on marketplace tendencies, and adapt to changing landscapes showcases the ability that lies in strategic partnerships. As they maintain to encourage innovation and drive superb exchange, their adventure serves as a testomony to the profound impact that collaboration can have on corporations and industries. Stay linked for more insights on how powerful collaboration can form the future of entrepreneurship and commercial enterprise excellence.


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