7 Tips For Managing Incontinence With Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers

Incontinence can affect everyone – from those recovering from a recent surgical procedure to those with cognitive issues. It’s common across the globe, and thankfully, due to its familiarity, many tips and tricks are available for managing incontinence. When embraced, these tips will help you to avoid physical discomfort and emotional distress. 

From bed pads to adult diapers, there are various products available. All promise to enhance the quality of your life, allowing you to live to the fullest without worrying about bladder incontinence. Read on to discover more.  

1. Invest in Adaptive Clothing  

When you suffer from incontinence, as do 200 million people worldwide, ensuring easy, hassle-free access to the bathroom is crucial. This is when adaptive clothing comes in.  

Instead of fighting with tight undergarments, invest in diaper briefs. These nifty products boast Velcro or elasticized waistbands, which make getting in and out of them a breeze.  

Some styles even feature adjustable tabs, which means you can tighten or loosen them as and when required.  

2. USe Bed Pads and Chair Pads 

Whether for your home or a care home, bed and chair pads are an asset to those suffering from incontinence. They protect both you and your furniture from accidents when sitting or sleeping.  

They’re available as both single-use items and reusable pads and boast four functional layers. The top layer works to wick away moisture. The bottom layer is watertight. The result? You stay dry whilst your furniture or mattress remains in tip-top condition. 

These unique pads feature tuck-in wings, which help secure the pad in place and offer optimum comfort and protection. 

3. Establish a Bathroom Routine 

Whether you’re a carer or a patient, embracing a daily bathroom routine is a great way to avoid accidents. Why? You’ll avoid unwanted leakage if provided with consistent opportunities to use the restroom.  

Not changing diapers can cause discomfort and skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Most diapers will detail their absorbency rate and lifespan on the packet, which helps to facilitate the dignified management of incontinence-related challenges. 

4. Consider Size and Fit 

No one diaper product is suitable for all. Some will suffer from mild to medium incontinence and will only require pads to exercise or sleep in. Others, especially if bedbound post-surgery, will necessitate a pad at all times. With this in mind, consider size and fit, especially if worn for long periods.  

Anything too tight will cause discomfort, and anything too loose will provoke accidental leakage. Select products that fit the correct fit, ensuring the utmost protection and comfort. Doing research will help with this. Some brands offer unisex products, whilst others offer male and female diapers spanning from XS to XXL.  

5. Make Sure You Always Have Diapers to Hand  

There’s no use being caught out when suffering from incontinence. It will only cause you to lose your confidence. Considering this is a problem for at least 30% of people over age 60, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Whether running errands, at the gym, meeting friends, or traveling, always have a spare diaper within easy reach.  

Similarly, if caring for a loved one or patient, always have a stack of diapers in a bedside or bathroom drawer. Be sure to order more when you’re down to your last few to avoid running out. Better still, set up a standing order.  

6. Adopt The Correct Aftercare  

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Wearing incontinence products can lead to skin irritation. This is common if you fail to replace your diapers as and when necessary. Damp, soiled diapers can lead to skin irritation and infections.  

If you are suffering from red, irritated skin, it’s wise to invest in specially formulated cleansers and creams that promise to soothe and calm the affected area, thus maintaining your skin’s integrity and preventing further issues.  

7. Single Use or Reusable  

There are two styles of adult diapers available. These include single-use and reusable styles. Both promise to safeguard you from accidents and discomfort. Which you choose is dependent on your personal preference.  

Single-use promises ease of use. Disposing of these involves wrapping them in a nappy bag and placing them in a secure bin. Reusable adult diapers can be washed and reused. In addition, they offer a cotton-like feel. Their lifespan comprises between 50 and 100 washes, depending on the brand. One point to note? Always have spares in stock; this way, you’ll avoid getting caught out on laundry day!  

The Bottom Line

Incontinence shouldn’t be something you’re ashamed of. When managed correctly, you can continue living life to the full, embarking on all of the activities you would normally embrace, such as working out, meeting friends, or traveling.  

If you do your research, pick the best products for your individual needs, and follow the above tips, you can easily manage incontinence.  

Points to note? Not all conditions are the same, which means a product that works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. This is when trial and error and research come in. Choose products tailored to your body type, absorbency requirements, and lifestyle.


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